View the work of narrative, contemporary artist Angela Brittain whose colourful and exuberant paintings are full of movement and sometimes a little wit. Angela has spent many years as a professional artist, and paints full time in her studios in West Sussex & Abruzzo,Italy.

This year her work has started with a new series of wood panels about people and nature.

Inspired by life around her and the simple pleasure of seeing, feeling and responding - resisting labelling and simply painting from within, these paintings are alive with energy that is passed on.

Some of her past works have explored how women see the world and the challenges of juggling their various roles. This is a theme that she returns to from time to time.

She runs one-to-one workships from her studio. Her work is either speculative and exhibited in London and the South or is commissioned.

Angela is an elected member of the United Society of Artists.


Elected as an Associate of the Society of Women Artists

Very happy today as I heard that I have been elected as an Associate Member of the SWA. After a year as an Associate, I will hopefully become a full member. This is a great honour and I will join some wonderful artists from the past like Dame Laura Knight and great current ones like Soraya French. The SWA 154th Annual exhibition opens on 5th June-13th June at the Mall Gallery, London when I will be exhibiting 4 of my new paintings.

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