View the work of narrative, contemporary artist Angela Brittain whose colourful and exuberant paintings are full of movement and sometimes a little wit. Angela has spent many years as a professional artist, and paints full time in her studios in West Sussex & Abruzzo,Italy.

Her interest in the interplay between people experiencing one situation where their emotions or aims are different is a continuing theme. We know we are individual with our own take on life which colours every situation we find ourselves in. What fascinates Angela is when these differing perspectives come together in one situation.

Many of her recent works are exploring how women see the world and the challenges of juggling their various roles.

Angela is an elected member of the United Society of Artists.


United Society of Artists at the Bankside

Five of Angela's paintings will be included in this group show by members of the UA.

Starting on 18th Nov. with an evening preview from 6pm, the show continues at the Bankside Gallery near the Tate Modern in London until Sun 23rd November. Wander down the south bank, have a coffee in one of the many cafes and visit this show full of variety and great art. You could even pay a visit to Borough Market too which is nearby! 

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