View the work of narrative, contemporary artist Angela Brittain whose colourful and exuberant paintings straddle illustration & fine art. Angela spent many years as a professional illustrator and graphic artist, and now paints full time in her studios in West Sussex & Abruzzo,Italy.

Her interest in the wit and interplay between people experiencing one situation where their emotions or aims are different is a continuing theme. We know we are individual with our own take on life which colours every situation we find ourselves in. What fascinates Angela is when these differing perspectives come together in one situation.

Angela is an elected member of the United Society of Artists.


Feeling positive

It's hard not to feel an increase in the feel-good factor when the sun shines!

This got me thinking about the positive people in my life and those who always seem to have a problem. I walked around my garden and saw all the new shoots coming. the daffodils opening out and was serenaded by two blackbirds. OK, so I'm a romantic! But this did lead me back to the need to keep  optimistic myself and to try and spread it around. Hence my new painting, "You lift me up".

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